Cover for street parties

Insurance to cover events held on streets or public roads.

Looing for affordable and reliable cover for your street party.

Throughout the UK neighbours come together in collaborative street parties to celebrate significant events and holidays across the country.

Whether you’re celebrating a royal event or building a community spirit, well run street parties can be lots of fun for everyone.

Lots of planning goes into organising a street party and it's nearly impossible to plan for everything. Street party insurance policies offer the organiser peace of mind in case the unforeseeable happens.

What's included with our Street Party Insurance Policy?

The policy will cover you from public liability which can be a huge risk at street parties where so many people come together in a local area. Not only will this protection give you reassurance, councils and landowners really appreciate this higher level of indemnity.

You can also add additional cover offering employer’s liability, event equipment, cancellation, abandonment or postponement and adverse weather conditions cover. If you have any performers, bands or DJs booked, this comparison can provide insurance for them too.

Street Party insurance cover options:

  • Public Liability Cover
  • Employers Liability Cover
  • Cancellation & Abandonment Cover
  • Adverse Weather Cover
  • Property/Equipment Cover

Don't forget that there are separate policies for celebrations and parties if you are throwing a more private event. This is primarily to cover you so you can celebrate with your neighbours without any added worry.

What to if you want our Street Party Insurance Policy

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