Cover your Photoshoot

You can cover your photoshoots whether you are doing them in a studio or in the great outdoors.

Find a comprehensive insurance policy to cover any kind of photoshoot you may want to do anywhere in the UK.

Photoshoots can be covered as a solo event or as part of a multiple event set if you want to do multiple shoots in the same location.

Photography can be expensive and organising a photoshoot a real hassle, particularly if you want to involve models, a make up or props artist as well as the photographer with all of the equipment that they may need. Luckily we can help you find aid in the form of photoshoot event insurance with this easy comparison service.

Cover can be available for indoor and outdoor photoshoots with adverse weather cover available. It can cover the equipment and people involved whether they are there as employees or as volunteers.

It can even cover cancellation due to unavoidable reasons to help prevent loss of irrecoverable costs should something go wrong.

Many options are also available for insurance cover for your photoshoot these include:

  • Public Liability Cover - This covers the organiser from costs related to accidental injury to members of the public and third party property damage.
  • Employers Liability Cover - This covers the organiser against any costs which occur due to a member of staff, volunteer or helper at the photoshoot getting hurt.
  • Cancellation & Abandonment Cover - If your photoshoot is cancelled due to any unavoidable reasons not known to you when you took out the policy, this option will cover you for any irrecoverable costs.
  • Adverse Weather Cover - This is an important option particularly for outdoor photoshoots, you can cover yourself against the cancellation or abandonment due to adverse weather conditions that may make your photoshoot unsafe to do.
  • Property/Equipment Cover - Photography equipment is expensive so this covers you against the loss of or damage to any equipment which you own or have hired and are responsible for during and in association with the photoshoot.

Having a comprehensive insurance policy in place will give you the peace of mind you need so that you can focus on the making and taking some great photos that will really stand out.

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