What is it?

Public Liability Insurance is an insurance policy which can be purchased by anyone to cover the costs incurred by claims from members of the public in connection to your negligence following your involvement with, or organisation of an event. It can cover the business or policy holder against costs relating to injury, damage/loss of property and death.

Why buy it?

Public Liability Insurance can cover the business or policy holder from any legal liability to pay costs relating to injury, or even death to members of the public or any damage or loss of third party property due to the actions and activities at your event. The level of cover can vary and is determined by your policy and on the premium you pay.


How to get covered

If you are interested in being covered for public liability at your event the next step is easy, all you need to do is provide some details about your event, this comparison service will pick the three best companies matching your needs (upto three) and they will contact you with quotes. If it meets your needs, you can then purchase the policy and your event will be covered. This can all be started online and completed over the phone and takes very little time. To get cover please get a quote.