Get cover for your fun days and fetes

Insurance for fun days, fairs and fete events.

Insurance schemes for organisers or attendees of fetes, fairs and fun day events.

These schemes are specifically designed for fetes and fairs; whether you are having church fete, a work fun day or a job fair, we can offer cover to suit you.

When you are planning a fete or fair you want things to go as smoothly as possible and plan for many eventualities. Once you have a fun day organised you don't want to be worrying about silly things like the cost of cancellations or damaged items you want to enjoy the day yourself as well.

Our Insurance Policies are available to ease your worries. This policy provides public liability and cancellation cover, with the added option of equipment insurance. It can even cover abandonment or postponement due to adverse weather conditions or otherwise, so you can know that everything is taken care of. For total peace of mind, you could also consider adding employers' liability or cover any volunteers with your policy.

Our packages are competitively priced so that we can offer you a comprehensive policy at a premium which won’t take away from your fun day.

What to do if you want a policy

Simply fill in our online form for a Fete, fair and fun day insurance policy.

Fetes or fun day insurance cover options:

  • Public Liability Cover
  • Employers' Liability Cover
  • Cancellation & Abandonment Cover
  • Adverse Weather Cover
  • Property/Equipment Cover
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